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IADAT is an international organization  engaged in the transmission and exchange  of knowledge in all disciplines related to the use of new information technologies. The  International Association for the Development of Advances in Technology (IADAT) is  a nonprofit making organization of professionals from the fields of Education and industry, who are actively involved in promoting and improving technological advances.  

The main objectives of IADAT are the following:

  • To promote  the association and participation of individual scientific specialists, who are interested  in the  transmission of knowledge in their particular disciplines.

  • To present  and publish scientific and technological advances  based on the use of the  new technologies. 

  • To organize and  promote  permanent forums with the participation of researchers, academicians, developers and  professionals, with the common purpose of  studying, discussing and transmitting scientific results,  which incorporate relevant and significant  advances.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Association organizes the following activities: 

  • International conferences, congresses, symphosiums and  workshops

  • Training courses based on new technologies

  • Edition and publication of books and journals based on the activities carried out by the Association

  • Participation and collaboration with other organizations in scientific studies, latest developments and research projects. In addition, IADAT collaborates in cultural activities related to the Information Technology.

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