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How to organize an IADAT Conference ? 

We are looking for organizers, local organizing committees  who are interested  in organizing and hosting a  future IADAT conference.  Therefore, if you are interested in collaboration with IADAT  in  one of the next IADAT conference, please foward your Conference  proposal  application.

In order to  facilitate consideration of your proposal, please read carefully the General Steps for Organizing and Hosting an IADAT Conference  before submitting your Preliminary Proposal Application.

IADAT Conference Proposal Guidelines

Step 1. Download the Application Form

 Please download the Application Form onto your local PC and complete it offline.




Step 2. Online Application Form

As soon as you have completed the form, save it and then upload it  using the 'browser' button available in the web application.


 Online Application Form

Once you submit the application, you will immediately receive an automatic confirmation email  that we have received your application.


Step 3. Notification of Proposal Acceptance/Rejection


The IADAT Scientific Board's decision will be sent by email  as soon as possible at least  within two weeks of receiving them.


If your preliminary proposal  has been accepted, IADAT Organizing Board  will send you an email with  instructions on  how to organize an IADAT International Conference (IADAT Conferences Organization Manual).


Step 4. Planning and Organizing an IADAT Conference


Once you have read carefully the IADAT Conferences Organization Manual, you should  complete  the required information included in the list of additional annexes (Annex 1 - Annex 10).


The IADAT Scientific Committee  should receive the Annexes signed  at least  within two months of receiving the acceptance notification.


Step 5. Collaboration Agreement


Congratulations! you (company/institution) will receive a confirmation e-mail  from us. The IADAT Scientific Committee will send you  the contract or collaboration agreement  in order to proceed to organize the IADAT Conference in the terms and conditions agreed.


The contract must be signed and sent to IADAT five month before the conference  start date.


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