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MEMBERSHIP Categories 

IADAT members may be allocated to different categories, on the basis of their qualifications, professional record, seniority, achievements,etc. 

The categories available are the following:


Professional membership enjoy full IADAT Membership benefits including discounts on IADAT Conferences, Journals, Proceedings Book etc. 

(e.g. company employee, lecturer, professor, etc.)


Institutional Membership includes full IADAT Membership benefits  for a limited number of employed by your institution

(e.g. university, college, non-profit organizations, etc)


Company Membership includes full IADAT Membership benefits  for a limited number of employed by your company.

(e.g. Engineering Companies,  etc)


Any University Student.


(e.g. undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate)

Membership Grades

Affiliate Member

This grade is open to proffesionals working in Industry as well as Education having an interest in the development of advances in Engineering Education  and Industry.

Associate Member

This grade is open for people with a large professional and qualified in areas of Higher Education or Industry.In order to qualify for this grade you need at least three years of professional experience.

The first two grades may be elegible for the special status of  Full Member, Senior, and/or Honorary.

Full Member

To qualify for this grade of membership, you must submit your application to the IADAT Membership Committee of IADAT, made up by highly qualified professionals from diffrents areas, and you  will be granted or denied the status of Full member on the basis of your merits.

Senior Member

To be eligible as a Senior member, you must have held the status of  Full member for at least five years, and submit your application detailing your merits, etc.


Honorary Member

To be appointed as an Honorary member, you must be nominated by: IADAT Membership Committee, or at the request of at least two Senior or two Full IADAT members; or at the request of best-in-class company or institution.

Membership Info

Once you have selected the category you apply for, send it online and you will get a reply from IADAT Membership Committee granting or denying the membership status applied for.

If your proposal is accepted, in order to be appointed you must be proceed to pay the relevant fees either online or by bank transfer.

IADAT membership shall be valid for 12 months from the acceptance date of your application. The membership rate shall be indexed to the current year inflation year.

Should you need further information about how become a member of IADAT,  contact:

IADAT Membership Committee

E-mail: membership@iadat.org

Fax:  (34) 944045019


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