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IADAT,  the International Association for the Development of Advances in Technology, is an  international organization engaged in the transmission and exchange of knowledge in all disciplines related to the use of new information technologies. The International Association for the Development of Advances in Technology  is a nonprofit making organization of professionals from the fields of Education and Industry, who are actively involved in promoting and improving technological advances.

The main goal of the IADAT Conferences is to provide an international scientific forum  for researchers, scientists,  engineers and specialists from universities as well as industry to exchange  ideas, practical experience and to present the latest  innovations and results in their areas. 

In order to achieve IADAT main objectives, namely "to bring together Universities, Research Institution and Industry, and also to promote collaboration and foster cooperation", IADAT organizes  Conferences focused on "Innovation, Technology and Research". 

The fact that in each one of the IADAT Conferences  held there have always participated representatives from more than 22 countries is a clear evidence of the International Scope of the Conferences, which is continuously growing.

These Conferences cover a broad range of topics relevant to the theoretical and Practical Teaching and Industrial applications. The present series of IADAT  International  Conferences comprises:

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