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Welcome to the IADAT Publications Section

IADAT provides a wide range of publications in several areas of engineering and technology. You are invited to enjoy the IADAT publications benefits, and to share knowledge, ideas and experiences with other professionals from all over the world.

Since 2004, IADAT has been a non-profit publisher offering a variety of publications, ranging from traditional printed materials to digital/electronic resources.

IADAT Members can download papers and articles published in IADAT from the Website in Adobe PDF format, free of charge. Non-members can download these papers on payment of a small fee. This payment must be made in Euro, by credit card or bank transfer.

Publication Types

IADAT Conference Proceedings Book

The Proceedings Book may be used as a source document  for research work and to reflect the current state of the art of the technological advances and the latest innovations presented at IADAT sponsored conferences.

IADAT Journals  

The IADAT family of journals serves as a forum for the exchange of knowledge on the use of  advanced technology in the field of Education, Telecommunications, Computer Networks, Automation, Control, Instrumentation, Digital Image Processing, Energy, Power Systems, Real Time and Embedded Systems, etc.. These journals are structured into the following sections: papers, applications, experimental results, experiences,  etc. 

IADAT Online Digital Library

This on-line library is an open access to IADAT publications edited exclusively in electronic format. Once you have obtained your Username and Password you can select a type of publication and/or theme. You can also search by ISBN, ISSN,  title,  keyword, etc. - and you will access a list of publications matching your search criteria.



All CD-ROMs contains easily searchable html versions of all IADAT  publications. Save time searching papers and Conference Proceedings on CD-ROM.



Annual Report - Newsletters

The annual report of IADAT Association is a summary of the all activities where IADAT has participated or collaborated during the current year. The Electronic Journal is structured into the following activities: conferences, publications, memberships, collaborations, awards etc. The journal shall be available in CDROM or printed version.


Should you need further information about author information, subscriptions, advertising,  and more, please contact:

IADAT Publications

E-mail: publications@iadat.org

Fax:  (34) 944045019


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